Esther Lee

The 2016 presidential race is running full steam ahead. The Iowa caucuses and Super Tuesday have long passed. Delegates have been distributed out to candidates. Only one candidate from each side will become the nominee and there is no way to predict the outcome.


Some us know exactly who to support, while others may be less certain. Regardless of your certainty, is a great tool that can guide you toward your best presidential candidate. contains an extremely detailed presidential survey with questions about your political beliefs on a wide variety of subjects. The survey has more than 50 questions and rankings to show how important each subject is to you. Unlike other surveys, shows you what percentage you are Democrat or Republican, what percentage you side with each candidate, and detailed explanations on why you match with this candidate.

Personally, the results from the survey has both suprised and clarfied where I stand in the 2016 presidential race. If you do not know which side to support or would appreciate confirmation on your candidate, consider taking the survey. You may be surprised what you find out.