DECA: Preparing students for the professional workalike


Tynan Shahidi, WEB Reporter

DECA is an Ames High club that prepares students for the professional worklife by sending students to conferences and grading them in competition settings on their professional skills. In DECA, one is developing leadership and communication skills and learning  how to run their  own business. Ames High has been lucky enough to send 9 students to the national DECA event in Nashville, Tennessee which is holding 18,000 participants from the United States, Canada, and Guam. The 9 students are Kevin Maxwell, Sam Stuve, Conley McCown (who used  to live in Nashville!), Lydia Romitti, McKenna Meinhard, Ben Facio, Phillip Ma, Grace Jean, and Mike Sankey.

Kevin Maxwell and Sam Stuve “qualified” in their competition for hospitality and team decision making. According to sophomore  Kevin Maxwell, the best part of nationals would be, “Meeting new people around the country (hoping most are female)” Stuve also mentioned that they were planning on going on a segway tour around downtown Nashville, Stuve will infact be dressed up as Paul Blart. Kevin Maxwell said that the worst part of  nationals will be rooming with Sam. Stuve thinks the most difficult part will be trying to keep track of all the girls cell phone numbers he’ll be receiving .

McKenna Meinhard and Grace Jean actually did qualify the first time because they were good enough at the state competition and didn’t need people in front of them to drop out. Their competition is travel and tourism. The best thing about nationals for McKenna and Grace is, “making new network connections and gain business experience. Also ‘seeing boys in their cute little ties.’” They predict that the worst thing about nationals will be dealing with all the girls that have been harassed by Stuve.

DECA nationals is meant to make our students better at their event.  They will be meeting new people that will have an impact on their lives and hopefully make them different in a better way. It gets uncomfortable networking with professionals and this will help their awkwardness. It brings great experience, being at the conference with all these top notch companies showing our students the way to the business word. Remember Ames High if you’re not in deca, what the heca? Join next year! Follow Ames DECA on twitter @AmesHighDECA_

Interviewed: Kevin Maxwell @kbmax99  , Sam Stuve @sam_stuve66  ,

McKenna Meinhard @McKennaMeinhard  , Grace Jean @ She doesn’t have a twitter.

Tynan Shahidi: @Tynan_Shahidi