Guitar Club Is Here!

Bella Andersen, Campus Life Editor

Ames High has always had a variety of clubs, and activities that are year round,  packed solid with individualism and excitement. One of the newest clubs, Guitar Club, was started by Psychology teacher, Mr. Klass. He decided to start the club this past summer because he plays every day. He has been playing guitar for about 30 years and has released four CD’s of original acoustic guitar music which  available on Spotify and Youtube. Mr. Klass has had five years of lessons and he also used to give lessons in Michigan. He said, “I’m most excited about the opportunity for all of us to share music in a supportive environment. Playing guitar is easily the biggest passion in my life.”

With new clubs come new leaders. That role will be held by senior Lincoln Saxton. He’s  been playing for about 7 years now, self-taught. He plays acoustic and electric, and also enjoys singing while playing. Lincoln joined guitar club because he felt as though it would be a friendly environment where he can express and share his music with other people. He said “It is a great way to be a part of something at the school without having to go to lessons during the day! I can’t wait to see what other people are learning and playing. Hopefully I can learn a few new things too! Mr. Klass is a very talented musician, and I really hope that everyone, myself included, can pick up a few things here and there so that eventually the whole group can play together!” His dad was in a band and his brother taught himself how to play as well. He always wanted to be like them when he was growing up. Music has surrounded him his whole life.

Lincoln is hoping that some younger guitarists will look up to him for tips and tricks, and he wants to learn as much as he can about the different styles of playing. There isn’t one “right way” to play a guitar, so learning and teaching different methods is something that he hopes himself and others will contribute to the group.