Super Sian


Sabrina Lang, Reviews Editor

If you haven’t heard of, or at least seen Sian Aleena Wipf, you probably live under a rock. Sian is bubbly and outgoing, known for her charming and dazzling smile. Sian is a senior this year at Ames High. She also enjoys concerts and hanging out with her homies when she can.

Sian’s ideal date would be a long drive in the country blasting her favorite tunes, followed up by stargazing. But sorry gentlemen callers, Sian is spoken for. When asked who her celebrity crush was, she replied, “Will Ferrell, unless you consider Jackson Hamstreet a celebrity.” Can you say goals?

Those who know Sian know how bright and shining she is. They know how positive and outgoing she can be. But little do people know, Sian actually struggles with social anxiety.

“I get super anxious when I meet new people, and whenever there is too much going on. Like when I have too much homework or there is a lot going on around me and I get super overwhelmed. I can shut off and completely freak out in silence.

Luckily, I have a lot of free periods throughout the day so I can use that time to go home or listen to music or talk to someone to help calm me down. But my friends, they help me most for sure. They keep me sane and always check up on me to make sure I’m doing okay. I am extremely thankful for them.”

Sian explained it’s really about reaching out to the people around her, and how her friends are everything to her. Sian is a beautiful and free spirited human being. She shows kindness to everyone, and always has room for second chances. Everyone needs a Sian Wipf.