Lettuce Club Champion: Sean Prell

Tynan Shahidi, Reporter

Sophomore Sean Prell’s–record setter, lettuce lover–performance at this years lettuce club was second to none. Literally, he took home gold in an event in record time! It’s hard to believe his dad had to actually forced him to eat his first ever salad. Ever since, Sean has had a warm welcoming to lettuce.

His plan to take on the lettuce club competition? None. His initial pace was slow, but as he saw everyone seemingly beating him he kicked it to another level. “I’ve always eaten a lot of lettuce since I was a little kid,” Prell said. “I like lettuce a lot and unlike most kids I actually do love all veggies.”

The dressing he used? “Caesar, caesar is by far the best dressing and ranch is the worst, shame on people that use ranch. Fake people use ranch.”

I know you’re curious, but no he doesn’t eat lettuce for breakfast, yet he has before. Even though Sean looks like the healthy kid eating all of his vegetables, he also has a love for cereal as it’s his favorite food with lettuce coming up close to the top of that list. He will eat any type of cereal anytime and anywhere.

To go with his love for lettuce he is also an active member of Garden club with Mr. Todd, wrestling for Ames High JV, and watch what you say about lettuce because he also does Judo, Judon’t know what you’re messing with when you mess with Sean Prell.