Ames High’s Newest Star


Tamin Lipsey; the three-sport athlete, is starting off his high school career continuing to do what he did in Middle School; excel in sports. In Middle School he garnered a great deal of attention for his skill in basketball, football and track.

As a freshmen Tamin has already received an offer from Iowa State. He posted on his twitter that he was, “very grateful and blessed to receive the offer” from ISU.

That’s always been one of my goals — to play division one in any sport. So it kind of just blew my mind.

— Tamin Lipsey

As further testament to his athletic ability, as a freshman he made the varsity football team. “I didn’t really expect it just cause people always said that no freshman plays varsity,” Tamin said.

Being on varsity has helped him improve a lot as a player, but also has helped him get involved and meet new people at the High School. Recently, while practicing, he jammed his hand into the turf,  leaving him out for the rest of the season. He is disappointed, but still eager to cheer on his team and see how they finish out the season.

Off the field Tamin is just as hardworking in his academics and social life.  

“I just want to do my best in everything I do. That’s grades, sports, and being nice to friends,” Tamin said. He says it’s important to stand up for people who are being bullied and help those who are having a hard time.  

To help deal with the pressure of excelling in these three things he looks for inspiration in role models. He says that his dad has played a big role in pushing him to be his best. “Whatever I do he is always there. Like sports and school,” Tamin said. “He is always pushing me. He’s always been there for me.”

Another role model he looks to is NBA star Lebron James. “He’s so good on the court but off the court he’s also very special,” Tamin said. “He donates a lot of money.” Tamin hopes that if one day his dreams of athletic success come to be, that he will be similar to Lebron James.

Even when he isn’t hard at work at academics or athletics, he enjoys sharpening his virtual football skills by playing Madden. Tamin likes to listen to Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, watch Kevin Hart movies, and watch police shows like Hawaii Five-0 and Blue bloods.

He’s looking forward to continuing to make friends in High School.