Fall is hereYou were sick of all that sun anyway

September, October, November. The three months when leaves fall and little kids jump out at you in funny little costumes and ask for candy and you actually think it’s cute instead of weird. It’s not summer anymore, but you can find just as many ways to kill time in the fall. The pools may be closed and it may not be as sunny as often, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends in August. Looking for something to do on the oh-so-common gorgeous autumn day? Going on a walk is good fun in any season, but in the fall there are a lot of twists that only improve on this old standby. Try walking through apple orchards or corn mazes, or even a haunted house. “Haunted Houses are like walks, but less boring.” senior Michael Davis said. Besides these activities, there’s always the ever-so-popular routine of jumping in piles of leaves. What’s more fun than jumping into a whole bunch of twigs and crinkly stuff? Another great autumn past time is wearing bulky sweaters with pumpkins or cats on them, or ghosts that say “boo.” These sweaters not only keep you warm but they also scream, “Hey, look at me, I know what season it is!” and isn’t that what everybody wants? Along with these most favorable fashions, fall also popularizes the wearing of scarves and other knitted knickknacks. Other amazing aspects of the season? Halloween and Thanksgiving, of course! Halloween is an excuse to dress up like anything and everything you want and run around knocking on people’s doors without being arrested multiple times. Plus, about a week after Halloween, candy is super cheap. Thanksgiving is pretty great, too. Hanging out with good people and eating too much is fun no matter what, but even better when you can call it a holiday. Thanksgiving and Halloween are basically just showcases for much of autumn’s seasonal foods, too. Try eating a caramel apple, or pumpkin pie, or candy corn and not thinking “Mmm, you know, this kind of tastes like autumn,” at least one time. I dare you. There is no question about it; autumn is everywhere you look. Whether it’s wearing seasonal sweaters and scarves, eating candy, celebrating holidays, or taking walks, autumn is definitely bustling with activity. You can even do all four of these things at once, if you really want. What more could a person ask for from a season?