Ryan Kenyon not an artist, pretty neat nevertheless

For many people last year, the halls seemed a little bit darker and life seemed a little more depressing. But luckily for those people, junior Ryan Kenyon is back from his hiatus to illuminate the Ames High halls with his colorful attire and to cheer up the Ames High student body with his unique sense of humor. To understand this man, affectionately known as “Kenyon,” one must first look at life without him, also known as the Dark Ages of Ames High. Around the beginning of his sophomore year, Kenyon was suddenly deported from Ames High to Mason City and then Johnston for unnamed reasons. This left many students in complete disarray, for living life without Kenyon was unfamiliar territory. Kenyon had been the only thing steady in most of these students’ lives, and without him countless were lost. “Oh man, life without Kenyon was the hardest thing I’ve ever had go through,” junior Peter Heiligenthal said. “I’d go to gym, expecting to see him there, only to be crushed when he wasn’t anywhere in sight.” Though many were excited for Kenyon’s return, there is also a minority that is now saddened to see him now that he is back. “He can’t match his clothes. He’s always late to Woods. He tries to sneak sawdust onto people’s backs as a practical joke. I know he always tries to spy off of me during tests,” seniors Jason Marrs and Kyle Talbott said in a furious tirade, building off of each other’s steam. Now that Kenyon is back, he has gotten into the swing of things at Ames High. He was an upstanding member of the Ames High football team, playing wide receiver. Because he doesn’t get much playing time at receiver, he hopes that someday he will become the punter for the team. “If coach ever needs a sky punt, I’ll be there. I only kick it 10 yards, but I get 9.75 seconds of hangtime,” Kenyon said. This seems to be an option that Coach Vertanen should strongly consider. This article would not be complete without a mention of the passion that truly makes Kenyon who he is: ballin’. “Every day I play at Beyer Hall,” he said. When The WEB asked him for how long, he responded, “long enough.” When he isn’t playing basketball at Beyer, he plays NBA Street: Volume 2 and he watches SportsCenter… all of them. His favorite basketball teams are the Iowa State Cyclones and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kenyon said that he was open to coaching an intramural basketball team, as long as he was paid reasonably. It can easily be seen that his life revolves around the game of the basketball. When The WEB asked him what his favorite thing to do other than basketball was, he responded with a blank stare, followed by an awkward silence. As for clubs, he doesn’t participate in any himself, but he wanted to encourage everyone to join Air Bergman Guitar Hero Club. The club meets every night at 6 p.m. at 5211 Schubert. Pizza and pop are provided. To put it simply, Kenyon is quite the character. This article doesn’t adequately do justice to Kenyon. Thus, The WEB encourages all of you readers out there to get to know him, and if you can’t find him, check Beyer.