Impulse-driven Graveline woos upperclassmen girls

Bryan Graveline’s brace-tinged smile may seem cute and disarming, but in reality, Graveline is someone who is tough and unafraid to take risks. Last summer, he ran a triathlon in the Iowa Games. "I saw it online, so I decided to sign up for it," freshman Bryan Graveline said. "Most of the other contestants were all in their twenties to thirties, and it was really hard and painful." Graveline is probably one of the few Ames High students who has ever braved a triathlon, let alone signed up for one without any prior training. Impulsive decisions seem to play a large part in Graveline’s life. This past winter, Graveline went out on a limb and decided to join the boy’s swim team. "I overheard some people saying that swim practice started the next day, so I was like hey, I’m going to swim," Graveline said, and a glance at his recently cut brown hair reveals some blond tufts left in it from bleaching. Triathlons, swimming, tennis, cross country, and ping-pong are only the beginning of what Graveline does in his spare time. He also manages to take private lessons in both bari saxophone and violin, and even finds time to play classic rock on guitar and keep up with his fantasy football team. "I’m a very big fantasy football fan," Graveline said. "I started in fifth grade, and I’m still going." Many girls claim to be obsessed with Bryan Graveline. He’s a favorite among upperclassmen girls, and his male buddies all hail him as a ladies man. The compelling reason for his current bachelor status? "I gotta fly solo sometimes," Graveline said. "I can’t be weighed down by the ladies." Freshman pal Joey Simonson had another explanation. "He gets nervous," Simonson said. Asian qualities have often been attributed to Graveline, something that he fails to understand. "I’m in advanced math, I play violin, and I play tennis," Graveline said. "But other than that, I don’t see it." "Bryan’s like white cake," freshman Felix Yang said. "He has white frosting on the outside and yellow cake on the inside." Bryan Graveline is quick to smile, and he gives off a general feeling of easygoingness. It is amazing how many different things he manages to squeeze into his life, and his willingness to dive into new things is admirable. "He’s a Renaissance man," Felix Yang said. Graveline’s plans for the future? He doesn’t plan. "I’ll probably do something impulsive," Graveline said.