Tulika’s Senior Column

Finally, it’s time. It’s time to pack my belongings and take off. Well, actually it’s not that easy. Thinking about never entering Ames High School again seems weird. Spending the last 4 years here have gone by both fast and slow. I can remember those days when classes just felt like an endless stream of hour upon hour. However in reality when I look out and see the big picture, I realize that the last 4 years have really flown by. I can say without hesitation that I have learned a lot through high school from all aspects. From memorizing all the critical elections in the U.S to learning how to correctly curl my hair, high school filled me with new knowledge every day. Now as I venture off to start a new journey, I take with me all the memories and experiences that are unforgettable in my mind. Though I have come a long way since stepping off that yellow school bus as a freshmen, I can distinctly remember those exciting feelings of starting something new. Perhaps the reason why I remember these feelings so well is because I have recently started feeling the same way without actually realizing it. It’s always exciting to start something new but can sometimes produce uncertainty. I may just have to ask someone where the cafeteria is or find myself embarrassingly walking in circles until I find my destination. I guess I’m off to be that freshmen again.