Evan Weible may weeble but he will never fall down

When confused freshmen walk through the massive gates of Ames High for the first time, they find themselves in the busy, bustling world of high school. The atmosphere can seem overwhelming at first, and some can’t help but fall through the cracks. Counselors and administrators of public education want students to believe that getting involved in school-related activities will keep them on the right course. Sadly, what they do not realize is that Evan Weible is the only thing anyone can do to keep themselves on track. They don’t realize that Evan Weible is the only hope that this corrupt world can believe in. “He has the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen,” said philosopher Adam Lane. Weible’s piercing aqua-blue eyes truly symbolize his godly status among the mere mortals at Ames High. “He stands out like a shimmering beacon in the hallways; his lanky pale body and his feathery golden hair make him almost as beautiful as Draco himself!” said Lane. But Weible’s profound physical attractiveness isn’t what makes him such a remarkable concept. It’s what he does. “Evan Weible does computers,” Weible said. He is renowned throughout the school for being “that kid who’s tech savvy.” “When I was in like 4th or 5th grade, I was interested in computers. I wanted to understand how websites worked,” Weible said. Since then he has evolved into a computer mastermind. “He creates websites, builds computers, and saves babies,” said Lane. “I’m actually designing the Iowa DECA website this year,” Weible said. Evan Weible is a courageous computer genius. Do the Evan Weible: be tech-savvy. Weible also knows his way around some Ames High clubs. “Golf is my primary activity,” Weible said. “It’s the only sport I play competitively.” Some might even say that Weible’s experience with clubs helped him lead the golf team this year.”I really had to step out of my comfort zone to be a leader,” Weible said. He led the golf team into battle upon a valiant white horse, wielding shimmering steel clubs. Do the Evan Weible: get a horse and join the golf team. Some consider computer typing a miscellaneous skill, but Evan Weible considers it a lifestyle. “It’s not necessarily an activity; it’s more of a hobby,” Weible said. Being the modest saint that he is, Weible forgot to mention that he holds Ames High’s speed typing record at a whopping 125 words per minute. “Some people get bored in class and play air guitar; I play air-keyboard,” Weible said. “I’m hoping to break that record this year in November during national business week.” Weible’s success is undoubtedly correlated with his speed-typing skills. Do the Evan Weible: practice your typing. According to Weible, just participating in the right activities doesn’t get you through high school with great success, you also have to be in the correct mindset. So Evan summed up what he does in his free time to keep his thoughts clear. “I type, think about computers, disassemble/reassemble my computer, type, hang out with friends [also computers] or with my Rachel, who I hope is a computer, or show my computer to my friends. I also sometimes play golf,” Weeble-Wobble said. Now, all weeble-wobbles fall down eventually, but Evan Weible has gotten through almost four years of public high school on his feet. He’s become more than a student. He’s almost a legend. But he has actually evolved into his own activity. To Evan Weible is defined as to excel in high school in both social and academic areas. So let this new verb serve as a guide to all confused freshmen who don’t know what to do in the astonishing atmosphere of public high school. Just Evan Weible.