‘Winter Tree’ Fiasco

It’s recently come to my attention that there’s been some fiasco over a winter tree incident here at Ames High. First off, what tree? Second, people not even in the state of Iowa are flipping out about some tree, and here we are, the whole WEB staff, people who should know about current-going-ons at this school, and we don’t know what people are talking about. Seriously? Stop stealing our thunder. Even further, if you’re going to be coming into our zone of newscasting, actually represent the people, instead of being all biased about the issue. The point of the press, when presenting news, is supposed to be unbiased. Seriously, I’m a high school reporter. I shouldn’t be the one having to remind you of this. For the sake of all trees in this world that just want to remain winter trees instead of being brutally stereotyped into being Christmas trees, this is unacceptable. For crying out loud, it was a WINTER TREE. All these people are angry about it being a Christmas tree, but honestly, what does an evergreen tree have to do with Christmas? Christian tradition says Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the middle of a desert. Are there evergreens in the desert? No. Furthermore, the only thing that differentiates an evergreen tree from a Christmas tree is the star on the top and/or a Nativity scene linking it to baby Jesus. Which means, despite what all nay-sayers who are screaming, the tree was, in fact, just an evergreen tree. There’s a national Christmas tree (yes, CHRISTMAS tree, spelled with a S-T-A-R) in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. and also IN the Blue room. So what I don’t understand is why all these people are here yelling at Captain Spence, when really, the heart of the problem lies with the United States Government, which, should be held even more accountable for its actions. So why don’t we see the news getting angry at Obama? Why aren’t there masses of people heading over to Washington, D.C. for a giant “kick the crap out of the Christmas tree that’s actually a Christmas tree” party? The answer here is that people needed a victim that couldn’t fight back. That victim happened to be Ames High and its captain, Spence Evans. It’s a sad day when the news goes from that which reports facts to that which is only dedicated to generating controversy.