Look around you. Do you have any firearms lying around? No? Bam. You’re dead. If you do have firearms, can you fire them with accuracy? No? Bam. You’re dead. Okay, so you have firearms, and you can fire them well, but can you reload the weapon with proficiency? No? Bam. You’re dead. If you answered yes to the last question, do you know that reloading a gun is much, much, much harder than holding down the right bumper/X button? No? Bam. You’re dead. Let’s face it, chances are, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, you’re not going to survive. The average person, and furthermore, the average high school student, is ill prepared for such an event. Let’s look at the stereotypical plans for survival. The media would have you believe the best way to survive is to hang out with a bunch of people you know. That is a terrible idea unless you hang out with mass amounts of NRA members who have access to infinite ammo. Look at the facts, kiddo–you and your ragtag bunch of friends don’t know anything about killing zombies. You’re facing death here. There are no save points or re-spawn counter. Now, on the other hand, entrusting your life to said mass amounts of NRA members with infinite ammo is just stupid. If something goes totally wrong, you can expect your “fellow” survivors to bail out on you. In the end, it’s every man/woman/kid/zombie for him/herself. Okay, let’s say you find some awesome people to survive with. What are your plans now? Hide out in a building? Run around looking for “safe houses” to restock on ammo, food, and water? The issue here, is that you’re going to be doing that for the rest of your mortal life (that is, until you eventually die and become a zombie too). If you go with the run-around option, you’ll soon notice that said safe houses with ammo, food and water do not exist. Your fellow survivor isn’t going to have the decency to leave behind spare rounds if they are the ticket to living a couple more seconds. Okay, new plan, let’s hold out inside some building forever. Other than the fact that you’ll soon be hating the rest of your band, you can only hold out in one location for as long as you have the supplies. Once you run out it is time to restock. What does that mean? See above. There’s no planning to be done here. It’s just a race to see how long you can go without screwing up. And once you screw up, you’re dead; or worse, zombified. At the end of the day, a real zombie apocalypse isn’t like anything you’ve heard of. It’s not some 10-minute run of trying to activate some machine to “upgrade” your weapons. It’s not like holding out on the roof of some currently-being-renovated hospital for some helicopter to pick you up and transport you to God knows where. And it sure as hell isn’t anything like running around in a mall trying to find some anti-infection medicine for your kid. It’s not even a game of survival. At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of time until you mess up. And when you do, BAM. You’re dead.