Sidebar: Yoga Poses

Mountain Pose Start your everyday yoga routine in this pose. Stand with your feet together and press them into the ground. Imagine you are an anchor at the bottom of the ocean, but you can breathe underwater, and the sand is actually a squishy yoga mat. Now, put your palms together in front of your chest. Roll your shoulders back and relax. Go to your Happy Place. Tree Pose Start in Mountain Pose (see above) and place your right foot either above or below your left knee. Make sure it is comfortable for meditation. Imagine that you are a tree, and if you are an infant tree that needs a supporting metal cage, just know that you have to start somewhere, your balance may or may not improve, and if you fall down make sure you take someone with you. Corpse Pose Okay, leaving out the “technical terms,” you pretty much lay on the ground and relax every muscle in your body. Yogis of all skills are able to accomplish this pose. However, despite what the name may imply, you should continue respiratory functions while in the pose.