Ray Peterson knows what’s up

Where’s the fridge at? Corny McDonald’s and Quick Trip. Sometimes Café Northwest What are you going to be for Halloween? One of Steve King’s dogs Do you have any siblings? No, I’m not related to anyone who eats hot dogs out of a cup What color are your eyes? You’ll never know Who is your favorite cartoon character? Oblio What is your favorite pastime? I enjoy the Peterson family tradition of bringing a bag of dead fish behind the barn to feed the hordes of cats living there. What’s your favorite kind of soup? Utah wedding soup Do you have a nickname? Cosmo, when I wear Sara Diressova’s leather jacket Do you live on a farm? No, it’s more like a commune What are your duties? I put away the chickens at night. If I forget to put one away, I have to sleep outside in the cilo How would you describe your style? Lululemon hipster chic Who’s your favorite teacher? Walter, he knows how to make a good sammich Who’s your favorite Kardashian? Kendall Stow