I would live in a railingless world

I would live in a railingless world. A world where there are no “safety” bars protecting you from the real world. Where the thrill of standing on top of a mountain is not hindered by man’s obstructions of natural order . Sure, I could die by leaning too far over the edge, but it is natural for me to do so. I chose to climb to the highest peak, with full knowledge that I may fall off, and that is partially why I have chosen to climb. With only the bravest of society choosing to stand at unimaginable heights, the acrophobics may remain peacefully at ground level, never to be persuaded by said “peers” to leap off rocky overhangs. Tourism may decline in elevated areas, but they’re not from here and the Grand Canyon is better viewed by helicopter (or on the back of a bald eagle carrying an American flag). Stairs present an alternate viewpoint. Many people rely on railings to keep their balance while walking upstairs. The first answer is obviously a motorized chair contraption . Second would be an elevator, however, that would be a pain to install at home. If you “don’t see the benefits of either of the two solutions” I would recommend reading another blog . Lastly, let the people slip and fall! Caution should be exercised when showering , and soap is not really that slippery. No need for railings. If you fall and the shampoos also manage to end up on top of you in a slick (yet fruity) collapse, lessons are learned. Don’t have so many shampoos! What are you, a horse ?