Get up!


Kub Stevens, Features editor

This life was meant to be taken! Grabbed, wrenched, torn, disturbed from its resting place by the movement and the agitation of hands that know not how to stop and feet that cannot walk on account of their need to run!


Tongues were meant to be utilized! Speak! Stop saying things that don’t matter to you! Say what needs to be said! Communicate your self to the world around you! Let them know who you are and why you are not like anything they’ve ever seen before and what you plan to do before your head hits the concrete and your body meets the hearse!


Think! You have a mind! Use it! Don’t do what they’re doing, do what you want to do! Refuse to be just another! Be the one! The one that grabs life by the ears, kicks it in the ribs and tells it that you don’t care who it is or where it came from, you are not like the rest of them! You are a fighter! A victor! A problem!


Defy your doubts! Who gave them permission to speak? Who gave them permission to breathe? Who gave them permission to be? Escape your mind! It’s your mind! You hold the reins! You are not what has happened to you! You are not what you’ve seen! You are not who you think you are!


Jump! Escape your box! They didn’t make it big enough, you need room to stretch! They didn’t make it tall enough, this is child’s play! Get up! Get out! Be free! Breathe deep!


Run! Run from your past. Run like tomorrow isn’t coming. Run like today is just a memory. Run like hope is endless and joy is unstoppable and smiles cannot be contained.

Get up!