Waiting on the World to Change

The fate of the Earth is in our hands

Corinne Sailor

“The fate of the Earth is in our hands”

The catchy rhythm starts with the soothing sound of a well-known radio song: John Mayer’s angelic voice comes in counting, 1-2-3-4. The song is filled with relevant details to 2006, the year it came out. However, if you really listen, you can notice the details that remain relevant now.

As Americans, we tend to rave about the current events, the talk of the town, and whatever the new crisis is in the very moment – but then, in the next free moment, we move on to whatever’s new and shiny. But what happens to the miscellaneous problems left behind? What about those unfinished missions that seem to have slipped away?

I often think that society is taking a step back in places that we should have already outgrown and moved on from. The same issues keep popping up again and again in the news with no follow up resolution. And as time is fleeting away, I’ve come to feel as though we are not moving forward with the future. 

As John Mayer sings,

John Mayer’s lyrics speak on society’s submissive nature and lack of purposeful action back in 2006, but not much has changed to positively impact society in thirteen – almost fourteen – years. We claim to have the driving forces for change and rising activism, but we lack the knowledge of what should come next and the push to shove ourselves past meer protests.

America’s growing rate in activism over the years has, in a sense, brought a voice to the voiceless. People are speaking out against hate, unjust violence, and problems in everyday society more than they ever have before. Despite this, we still need to take action ourselves in order for our activism to contribute to our ever changing society. 

As important and groundbreaking as the rise of activism in our everyday society is, the very thing that should be driving the change is our desire to influence our own lives for the better. If we can’t change our own lives to live the way we want to, nothing else will get done. We can point out all the wrong and terrible things in the world as much as we want, but soon we’ll run out of steam to keep running in circles if there’s been no difference in the issue. 

The Earth is at the halfway mark on the tipping scale. It is halfway filled with people who care about the progress of the world and the other half is filled with people who are just along for the ride. Those people who are along for the ride are just sitting and waiting for the world to change. And motionless and in charge, they are preventing the progress. 

Too many people are waiting for something to be done by someone else, but you don’t have to. So you – you can get up and change it. Take charge of your own life and watch the magic unfold. For you can only control your feelings, desires, opinions, and wishes, you can’t control anyone else’s.

No matter our race, gender, political views, upbringing, anything– we all should realize that we are in a war against our own tunnel vision. And it’s our job to make what is left of our current future the best it can be. Whether it be making a small change in your life or a big change to help someone else’s life, make that change. Keep moving and striving to create a better life for you and the people around you. The fate of the Earth is in our hands.. In our palms and slipping away from our fingertips, but only if we let it. We need to grasp that fact before it’s too late.