Conformity is Underrated

Conformity is Underrated

Hans Halverson, Opinion Editor

February 18, 2014

Everyone wants to be special. From the hipsters to the hippies to the cat people, teens love to revel in their uniqueness and nonconformity. This stems from the fact that in recent years conformism has gained quite a negative reputation, becoming synonymous with “boring” and “uninteresting.”...

Nonconformists become conformists

Nonconformists become conformists

Stephanie Shin, Features Editor

February 18, 2014

In movies, everyone seems to aspire to become the definition of a popular, “perfect” high schooler. But as the typically cheesy script and the occasional upbeat songs from these movies show us, the outcasts shouldn’t change who they are, but they should- believe it or not- embrace it and stand...

Self-harm affects Ames High

Students at Ames High are asked to use the items in this “care bag” at the counseling to give sensory input that can help to alleviate the urge to self-harm.

William Fowler

December 16, 2013

As much as high school students hear about drunk driving, drugs and unprotected sex, one major problem that is often ignored is Non-suicidal Self Injury (NSSI). It is also known as self-harm or cutting and is the practice of injuring oneself for emotional relief. According to guidance counselor John Bu...

I don’t care anymore

I don't care anymore

Lily Brown

December 16, 2013

I sit down and try to come up with a new topic for an opinion piece in “The Web,” slowly arriving at the realization that I don’t care enough about any of my own opinions to compose an entire article based on one. It’s slightly disheartening, but thanks to my new apathetic outlook on life, I d...

Tiger Mothers Paws All Fun

Just an average tiger mother posing with her cubs.

Hill Wang, Reporter

December 12, 2013

What does stress mean to the average student at Ames High? Is it that fear one feels after having procrastinated too long on Reddit? Or that sudden realization that, a period ago, your two essays and project answering the question “Is infertility a genetic disease?” were due? Whatever it may mean fo...

Football is taking over Thanksgiving

Football is taking over Thanksgiving

Aaron Marner, Reporter

December 3, 2013

On Thursday November 28th, three NFL football games will be played. All three games will be aired on national television. Most likely, at least one of these games will be seen by over 30 million people across the United States. Less than a decade ago, only two games were played on Thanksgiving. But t...

Black Friday: a trend that needs to end

Black Friday: a trend that needs to end

Sam Roberts, Photo Editor

November 4, 2013

Each year, hundreds of millions of families will sit down for a meal nearly three times the size of their average dinner and reminisce together over all the things they’re thankful for. Then after a deep nap, as father and son are celebrating American football, mother and sister will depart in the wee h...

1:1 computing requires one-on-one help

Senior Kyla Crabb attempts to unravel the mysteries of web design

September 27, 2013

Over the summer, Ames High students attended an informational meeting about the laptops they would soon be receiving. In this meeting, students were told of all of the magnificent uses for the computers; besides the obvious homework and projects, suggestions abounded, with everything from starting a...

What can “they” see?

Seniors Moriah Cooper and Jessica Harvey use their laptops in class

Madeline Topf, Editor-in-Chief

September 26, 2013

With every Ames High student now in possession of a school-issued computer, questions are being raised about what “they” can and cannot see. And that turns out to be most everything. “Tech staff and media staff can see all the documents you have on your computers,” IT specialist Karl Hehr said....

Opinions on new 1:1 program

Opinions on new 1:1 program

Lauren Gentile, News Editor

September 24, 2013

Reactions to Ames’ newly implemented 1:1 computer program range from highly enthusiastic to extremely unfavorable. “I think it’s great,” said foreign language teacher Stacy Dobernecker. “It lets us see and hear authentic materials much more easily.” Others have taken the opposite view,...