Madrigal Dinner Is Around the Corner!


Did someone say Madrigal?

Let’s travel back in time to the days when Kings and Queens reigned!

Let’s sit and dine with knights from lands afar, dance together with the lords and ladies, be entertained by the jesters and the strings, and sing Christmas carols with the angelic choir!

The 2022 Ames High Madrigal Dinner is just around the corner!  “You eat, we sing!” is the essence of the Madrigal dinner, a traditional Renaissance theatrical performance, and dinner often held by schools and churches. Infusing comedy, acting, singing, and dancing, a cast of singers serenade the diners with a series of choral pieces often originating from the medieval era. 

Here is what YOU can expect during the dinner

The Ames High Madrigal Performance will open the doors at 6:00 for seating and begin at 6:30 pm each night with a procession of the singers singing “Masters In This Hall.” Greetings of the guests will be shared by the show of graciously bobbing their heads with unequaled enthusiasm. Together, everyone will toast a bowl of Wassail (a festive English equivalent to eggnog with no eggs or nogs and just a bunch of amazing ingredients that do not include alcohol), and the night of singing will begin. As you munch on the mouthwatering, three-course meal, a play will be performed by the PlayTroup, followed by more caroling by the singers featuring songs like Throw the Yule Log on Uncle John, Lully Lullay Lulla, and Silent Night.

If you have a certain appreciation for seeing your friends in funky feathered hats and indescribably itchy costumes, fine dining served by (very likely) your own friends, and a performance of a lifetime, come on Dec. 1, 2, or 3 at the Northminister Presbyterian Church. Tickets are $32 which includes the performance and a 3-course meal! Email [email protected] if you would like to purchase tickets or visit him in the choir room in the music wing at Ames High!






Barnes, Erin – Queen

Hobbs, Jascy

Franco, Gabriella

Yoder, Amelia

Fischer, Madie

Aldaco-Romero, Sofia



Borntreger, Lynae – Lady of the House

Tejuca Barrera, Carla

Whitley, Malaika

Cochran, Dillan

Jurgens, Addie

Snyder, Liesl

Allen Azalea



Lee, David – Lord of the House

Vis, Samuel – KING

Metcalf, Liam

Foster, Keegan



Hamilton, Zander

Camp, Noah

Wood, Caleb

Peters, Zachary

Hufford, Elijah


JESTER – Clara Fields


Play Troup

Harvey Haggas

Spencer Koudelka

Caleb Helgerson

Annika Kent

Micah Schumacher

Gabriella Teske

Gabriel Sehmann

Ember Biggs

Torin Chinery


Strings & Brass

Siray Zhu

Payton Stewart

Lindy Green

Keiko Huisman

Ella Strombaugh

Estelle Wong

Meg Vander Wilt

Dominic Sexton


Alok Shrestha

Katie Reisinger

Allie Enyart

John Bouffard

Logan Simmons



Brooke Bergeson

Johanna Sulc

Adde Stegemoller

Natalie Long

Elena Heerema

Lauren Ewalt

Nathan Kelly

Landon Redmond

Taigen Wood

Alex Brenden

Linnea Abele

Isaac Wood

Lucy DeBoest

Micaela Sulc

Dunkin Bearson

Leo Sullivan

Skylar Samet

Katy Hilton

Caroline Brandon

Quin Barker