Patrick Lamar’s Senior Article


Patrick Lamar chillin’ with his trusty stead.

As my days come to an end at this school, I’€™m suppose to give advice to all the freshman, sophomores, and juniors that may stumble upon my article. Alright, lets begin! First, I want to start with some of my dislikes of this school, then go to my likes, finally transfer over to my advice. One thing I never quite understood was why we couldn’€™t use calculators on some portions of a math test. It’™s not like if you’€™re ever using math on the job, your boss is going to tell you, “€œBy the way, you can’t use a calculator.”€ I would think that whoever has authority would encourage the use of calculators to eliminate the mistakes. It just seems like common sense to me. These odds lessen even more because there are only a handful of jobs that actually use the math we learn in high school. The way I see it, is if you know how to use addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, you should be alright. Finally, people to this day still don’€™t know the difference between “your”€ and “€œyou’€™re”. C’€™mon people, it’s really not that hard. If you don’€™t know this concept by now, YOU’€™RE hopeless. My likes of the school, let me think. Mr. Reichart, German 1, German 2, German, 3, German 4, Four Square, open lunch, Mr. Johnson, The WEB, freshman year lunch, Mr. Schuck, Mr Schmidt’€™s Friday jam sessions, after prom, and US Government with Mr. Uetz. I could go on, but my senioritis is starting to kick in. However, we are going to fight past it, and continue on to the last section of my last article that I write in my High School career! *Sobs* Step 1: Take German. Step 2: Join the WEB! Step 3: Make bike to school week, every week! Step 4: Join a club, an after school activity, a sport, anything! It makes YOUR (See what I did there?) high school journey a lot more enjoyable! Step 5: Put “€œkick-me”€ signs on Josh Newell at every given opportunity. (Editors note; do this, and you will die a thousand painful deaths.) And Step 6: Sign up for AP classes. They’€™re more interesting than regular classes and I think you get a lot more out of them. Starting next year I’€™ll be attending Iowa State, hopefully majoring in mass communication/journalism. My dream jobs are to be a sports commentator, sports writer, or obtain a job in MLS (Major League Soccer). Well my time here is done. PEACE!!!