Jonathan’s Senior Article

Joanthan W. Laczniak Senior Class of 2013

Joanthan W. Laczniak

May 20, 2013

Originally my plan for my senior column was going to be to try and just write really clever and funny stuff throughout the entire article. However, my thoughts are running dry as the year comes to a close, and I guess I'€™ll try to write something at least somewhat serious. I guess I don'€™t really...

Patrick Lamar’s Senior Article

Patrick Lamar chillin' with his trusty stead.

Patrick Lamar

May 20, 2013

As my days come to an end at this school, I'€™m suppose to give advice to all the freshman, sophomores, and juniors that may stumble upon my article. Alright, lets begin! First, I want to start with some of my dislikes of this school, then go to my likes, finally transfer over to my advice. One thing...

Interview 2013: Emily Kresse

Emily as a child

Christopher Jackson

May 20, 2013

Every year some senior asserts himself or herself as being an unusually good role model. For me that senior for 2012-2013 was Emily Kresse. I sat down with the noted intellectual for an intimate conversation in existence, twitter, and aestetics. School and major? I'm going to the University of Iowa to...

Second Huang receives Presidential Scholar Award

Alex Huang

Madeline Topf

May 20, 2013

Last Monday, senior Alex Huang was taking a test. During his mental exercise, he received a text detailing his most recent and highest honor. Much to his dismay, it was not a casting call for an upcoming production of Les Misérables. Instead, he would follow the likes of his older sister, Sandy Huang,...

Josh Newell’s Senior Article

Josh Newell

Josh Newell

May 20, 2013

I know I should start out with something classy, but I can'€™t. I took an AP test today, and I'm kind of dead. The year'€™s winding down, the grad parties have started, and I'€™m here stuck in my basement, pretending I know what my Stat homework is talking about. There'€™s a lot of things I'€™ll...

End of year celebrations

credit~ Royal Oak

Anuradha Gore

May 10, 2013

As senior year closes, I realize that I haven't written very many blogs, but that's ok. Right now, I'm going to talk about everyone's absolute favorite thing at the end of the year- Graduation parties! ....Well, let me clarify. The best thing about graduation parties is a.) the graduation cards, b.)...

Grad Parties

grad parties

Stephanie Shin

May 10, 2013

The most stressful, happy, bittersweet, sad, exciting, and horrible time of the year has come and along with graduation comes MY favorite part of this time of year, grad parties! For seniors, grad parties may seem like an ending to the biggest part of their lives. It might be a sad look back at all their...