Heartthrob Ben Eyles

Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

At a powerful 4’11, freshman heartthrob Ben Eyles dashes around Ames High. He stops in one of his two study halls and takes a break.

“Yeah, so one of the first days of highschool I went to four different classrooms before I found the right one,” said Eyles. “Ooops.”

Taking two seconds to talk to this gymnast prodigy, you realize why he is a “freshman you need to know.” Eyles caught eye of his neighbors doing tumbling tricks in the back yard  one day and was hooked. He trains four nights a week for four hours at Chow’s in Des Moines.

Now a three-time state champion, two-time regional champion (6 states), and having placed first at various international meets, Eyles has a lot of bigger things figured out. “I’m really busy with my classes/gymnastics, but I’m happiest when other people are happy. I’ll do what I can to make others feel at home.”

Ben is making the transition to high school the best he possibly can. He is stoked about the computers because “it will make doing homework in the car” easier.

Even though he advises freshmen to get to know the upperclassmen because they are “awesome and really nice,” he would like people to “..please stop cutting me off in the hallways because I’m so small?” said Eyles.

“That would be cool.”

Next time you see Ben looking a little lost, stop and introduce yourself. You may just meet the person who can perfect your back tuck and be a positive impact in your life.