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Why is Sleep Important?

Sleep is all-important for people of all ages. Especially for teenagers, quality sleep affects all aspects of life including academic achievement, emotional health, physical health and development, decision-making, and even accidents and injuries. The ideal amount of sleep that teens need every night is between 8 and 10 hours, however, studies have shown that only 30% of teenagers, specifically high schoolers, actually get this amount of sleep. This leaves the other 70% getting inadequate sleep on school nights, why is this?


Why Can’t Teens Get Good Sleep?

There are several factors that contribute to sleep deprivation among teens. Teens have a sleep drive, so they do not start to feel tired until later in the evening. Additionally, the body does not start producing melatonin until later in the day, melatonin is a hormone that helps encourage sleep growth. 


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Ways to Improve Your Quality of Sleep:

Getting good sleep isn’t just about the total amount of hours you sleep but rather the quality of sleep. Developing good sleeping habits, sometimes called sleep hygiene, can improve your quality of sleep exponentially. First, being consistent with the times you go to sleep every night is essential for your body to develop a habit of falling asleep or getting tired at whatever time that may be. Second, prepare your bedroom to be quiet, at a comfortable temperature, and dark. One of the ways to ensure that your bedroom is dark enough is to invest in blackout curtains. Lastly, try getting some form of physical activity before going to bed, being physically active during the day will make it easier for you to fall asleep during the evening. Another essential step in this process is to review your sleeping habits, by reviewing your practices it is much easier to improve them. 


Get Enough Sleep

Getting ample amounts of sleep provide many benefits for your body. You will get sick less often, reduce stress, improve your mood, and even lower your risk for serious health problems. Quality sleep is essential to your health, to make each day a safe and productive one it is important that teens and people of all ages take the right steps to regularly get a good night’s sleep.


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