The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


The student newspaper of, by, and for Ames High School.


Conchas, a Mexican sweet bread topped with colored sugar, sit in a display case in the center of Rinconcito Hispanos grocery section. They are one of the many hispanic specialty items sold at the store.

Pupusas and Community: Rinconcito Hispano

Editor’s Note: The quotes featured within this article have been translated from Spanish to English and edited for clarity. It’s close to one in the afternoon and Rinconcito Hispano is full. A group...

Seniors pose for a group photo on their first day of senior year in school facilities. Photo  by Building Minds School.

Exploring Excellence: Inside Building Minds School, an English Education System outside the U.S.

Ethel Navarro, Features editor April 8, 2024

Building Minds School, a bilingual school system in Honduras, students and staff talk to us about their school system and how English is taught outside the U.S. Alexa Aguilar, one of the BMS staff members/teacher,...

Dana Logan goes back to her high school years and tells us the story behind her skills. Photo by Kim Mohler.

From being an Ames High Cheerleader, to an Ames High Cheer Coach.

Ethel Navarro, Features editor February 9, 2024

Dana Logan (Coach Logan)is super proud to say that she’s an Ames High graduate, Logan feels Ames is known as one of the best schools academically in the state. Moreover, she’s aware of the numerous...

Meet Mr. Krajnovich

Ethel Navarro, Features editor November 22, 2023

Mr. Krajnovich wanted to work in a field where he could help others and make use of the skills he had.  He wanted to use the gifts he had to help others. He was good with languages and loved working with...

ESL students get a picture taken while learning a new vocabulary.

Ames High ESL teachers

Ethel Navarro, Features editor October 11, 2023

Understanding is difficult for them at first, and there are no clear advantages or disadvantages, but it is great to observe how students are developing. Establishing communication ensures that students...

Spanish exchange students at Ames High pose for a photo on their last night in Ames.

Ames High Welcomes Spanish Exchange Students

Ethel Navarro, Features editor October 2, 2023

  Their total travel time was more than 26 hours, six of which they spent at the Chicago airport. Their American hosts were very welcoming, and they made the Spanish exchange students feel...

David Lee Senior Column: Words, words, words. How to not lose meaning behind the words you write.

David Lee, Multimedia Manager May 17, 2023

Words are simply… ethereal.    720 days, is all it took to understand how empowering words can be. Like Dr. Seuss, I learned that I could create words, and attach a meaning to them as simple...

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

Aaron Perrotte, Web Reporter May 14, 2023

Why is Sleep Important? Sleep is all-important for people of all ages. Especially for teenagers, quality sleep affects all aspects of life including academic achievement, emotional health, physical...

Is Graduating Early Worth It?

Is Graduating Early Worth It?

Lily Lupardus, Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2023

For a small group of students, high school doesn’t end with tossing a cap in the air with the rest of their class as confetti rains down on them. It might not even end in a celebration at all. Some students...

For many teens social media can be almost addictive. There are various factors why social media negatively affects teens.

Managing the Effects of Social Media on Teens

Aaron Perrotte, Web Reporter February 7, 2023

Before they shower, brush their teeth, and eat breakfast most teenagers start their day by reaching for their phone. They might scroll through Instagram posts from classmates, look at TikToks from their...

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