A nightmare to remember: prom 2015

Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

With every April comes the night of dinner, dancing, and horrible music. But of course, prom wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the scary date experiences, awkward group chemistry, and drama. While not everyone has a prom story like Mr. Webb’s, some Ames High students experiences are unforgettable.

Some deal with a stereotypical date ditch experience. One junior was left on the dance floor by her date, but ended up still having a good time.

“It was rude. I had no one to slow dance with, but then I found my friends. It worked,” said the anonymous junior.

Other stories, involve the experience of another horrible couple. An anonymous senior dealt with a friend that was all over her date. “They could not keep their hands off of each other the whole night,” said the senior.

While this senior and her date were just friends, they shared a car with her friend and her date. “I heard these noises so I looked back and sure enough she was on top of him making out,” said the senior.

“It was just really awkward and gross because me and my date were just friends and nothing more,” said the senior.

Your night may not have been as uncomfortable, but no matter how horrible, just be thankful that you weren’t the cat stuck in Senior Alexander Lee’s car hood at After Prom.