H Woody


Bella Andersen, Reporter

Often seen driving around Ames for hours on end singing throwback music and posting the evidence on his snap story, Harrison Woodworth is unforgettable. A tornado siren full of jokes, people keep dumping sauces on his car.

This action-packed ball of enthusiasm told me about one of the greatest days of his life. He started the story of by explaining that when he was a freshman there were no computers. Therefore, when he was freshman he stole a booklet of passes. These passes were the only way for students to use the computers so these were passes made of gold. He sold these passes for $1.50 each, and ended up making a solid $55. The process was he would forge teachers signatures, and then made passed for students paying him. His money flow eventually stopped he he ended up getting suspended for 3 days. Which he said, “was the best because you see I got suspended on a Thursday so then I didn’t have to go to school on that Friday and then there was the weekend, then my suspension extended into the next Monday, Tuesday, and I came back on a late start on a Wednesday. I basically had a mini vacation during that time.”

This conversation then trickled into me asking what his favorite memory of his senior football season was. H Woody had a marvelous time explaining this for me in a way that was easy to understand. He said, “My favorite memory of my senior football season was when Coach Shane yelled at me at the top of his lungs “I want that ball” on a time out. Then I just looked at him and said “you shouldn’t of said that Coach” and he said “why not?” I then said “because I’m gonna get it for you.” Right after that huddle I stripped the ball, and we got it back and I just freaked out and acted like a complete spaz.”

For those of us who are too starstruck to talk to Harrison, let me tell you what his advice is for the underclassmen. His answer was simple, but very powerful. Harrison said, “Don’t come into Ames High thinking you run the school. This isn’t middle school anymore you can’t expect people to stop what they’re doing to listen to you. You just gotta look to people, and figure out who you wanna be. You just gotta learn to be your own person.” I then asked him, who did you look up to as a freshman. He said, “when I was a freshman the seniors I looked up to where Bryan Perce, Justin Sloter, and Sam Peterson. I looked up to them because they just knew how to do high school. They weren’t the type to just wander around. They enjoyed interacting, and making friends, communicating with others. They just made everything seem fun, and interesting.”

This fall he’ll he’s continuing his football career at William Penn University. While there he’ll be thriving to become the next Toby Flenderson from The Office and remaining charismatic on and off the field.