Pep Rallies

Sam Stuve, Reporter

Pep Rallies

As we normally do, we had a winter sports assembly. Principal Evans and Dr. Avise highlighted boys swimming, DECA, Wrestling, and many more clubs and their accomplishments. At the beginning of the rally it was only Spence and Dr. Avise on the gym floor and the students and staff were in the bleachers.

At the end of the rally, almost the entire gym floor was full of Ames High students and there were a lot of empty seats in the bleachers. A good majority of the students at Ames High are involved in sports or club activities.

I personally think that these seasonal pep rallies are a great way to show other Ames High students and staff what other students and are up to and their accomplishments and awards they earned. I think that rallies like this are a great thing for Ames High because at least me it gives me a sense of pride in my school.

So far we have had two of these pep rallies and there is one more to come sometime in the spring where we will hear teams like boys and girls track, boys and girls tennis, boys and girls basketball and many other sports and clubs.  Can’t wait to hear what  my peers are accomplishing!