Ms. Hunt: Behind The Scenes at Ames High


Fall-themed cookies baked and decorated by Ms. Hunt

Often, some of the most important work at Ames High School is done behind the scenes. Organizational and administrative work can often go unnoticed and uncredited, as it’s always assumed by students that someone will be around to figure things out. 

Chris Hunt works as Ames High’s registrar, keeping track of records for ingoing and outgoing students. She handles the transcripts of students arriving at Ames High and students moving to other schools, making sure all the information is present. Information about DMACC and ISU classes goes through Ms. Hunt, and she adds the information to student transcripts. Ms. Hunt also does logistical work, organizing academic award ceremonies. 

Ms. Hunt has previously worked as a Nursing Advisor at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona, and as a Public Relations Coordinator at Boone County Hospitals. “The biggest difference between Ames and Phoenix is how green it is here,” Ms. Hunt explains, “And [the cafeteria] is a lot noisier here.”

Ms. Hunt would like students to know that she is approachable and that her door is always open. She is always working hard to help transfer students and to make sure that things go smoothly. 

In her free time, Ms. Hunt enjoys baking and cookie decorating. In Phoenix, she ran a cookie decorating business for three years and is working on starting it up again in Ames. She loves road tripping, and enjoys going anywhere she can see mountains. She moved back to Ames to be near her grandchildren.