Teacher Scapegoating

Sam Stuve, Reporter

images-1Been there. Done that. That’s what I like to call my Freshman year. What is Teacher Scapegoating, one might ask? Teacher Scapegoating is the act of blaming the teacher for your bad grade(s) in their class whether or not the grade is your fault or not. Teacher Scapegoating is a way for students to keep the blame off of themselves for their bad grades. It is also used as an excuse for students to tell their friends and families why they are not doing so well in that class or multiple classes.  

Teachers should not have to take most of the blame for your bad grades, no matter how bad they are . Now, there are classes that we all have that we struggle with. There is no perfect teacher either. But in most situations, the teacher knows what they are doing. It may not make sense right now, but it might later on. As someone who used to scapegoat my teachers, I can say that there is no benefit to assigning blame where it is not deserved.

I am not one of the best students in this school by any stretch of the imagination, nor am I one of the worst. I do not blame my teachers for a bad grade anymore and I should not have in the first place. It was only an excuse that I used. I find it to be immature. I believe that little to no blame at all should be placed on the teacher for YOUR grade in that class.