Curb your consumption

Curb your consumption

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

Every single day millions of people all over the world start their day with coffee. Coffee keeps people awake, keeps people focused, and helps people concentrate. Unfortunately, with the good comes bad, and when the daily dose adds up, people may find themselves the victims of too much caffeine.

Coffee is a wonderful beverage for people to consume. In moderation, coffee isn’t all that bad. In fact, it can reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and type 2 diabetes. Coffee gives you more energy to help you perform better throughout the day, its filled with antioxidants.

When a person drinks more than two cups a day, they risk feeling all the negative effects of drinking coffee. People who consume ten cups every day by no means should not justify their need by seeing all the beneficial properties. Remember, people don’t drink coffee because of the benefit. People drink it for what it does for them.

Caffeine is a drug and having a little can often times turn into having a lot. Many of the good properties of coffee aren’t linked with caffeine, but are linked to chemical compounds which are in the drink.

The antioxidants found in coffee, are also found in vegetables, fruits and other products. When eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle, you already reduce the risk of attaining disease. Contradictory to coffee, these methods have no dangerous side effects, unlike those from coffee.

Insomnia, nervousness, fast heartbeat, restlessness, and irritability are some downfalls of caffeine addiction.

Moderate doses of the drink may seem okay, however even the most moderate doses can give someone fatigue in the evening, if they drink coffee in the morning.

So in order to prevent these things from happening, but to still enjoy coffee, here are some ways to control your intake according to   


  • Tip 1 – Start Drinking Tea


    • Start drinking green or black tea. Green tea contains three times less caffeine than coffee. Green tea contains vitamins, antioxidants and prevents the development of a lot of diseases.


  • Tip 2 – Reduce the Frequency of Caffeine Consumption


      • Do you drink coffee on weekends? If so stop. If you arent busy and up early then you probably don’t need any. Only drink coffee on your busy days in order to decrease your cups per day.


  • Tip 3 – Learn to Wake Up Without Coffee!


      • If you need to recover from sleep try exercising or going for a run in the morning instead.


  • Tip 6 – Try to Get Enough Sleep


    • If you get enough sleep at night, then chances are you won’t feel the need to grab that drink that’ll make you feel like you have.

There will always be withdrawals when someone stops doing something they’ve been doing long term. To decrease the symptoms from discontinuing coffee, try decreasing it by half a cup a day. Don’t worry if this may take months to accomplish. Any progress is good progress.

If you try these tips you may find yourself feeling the positive outcomes of decreasing your coffee amount. Outcomes like dropping those extra pounds, an increased immunity, less jitters, and more ease when you sleep at night.

There are no drugs that are 100% harmless and useful. The advantages from coffee are irreplaceable and not necessary. The harm and risks aren’t small enough to ignore, but not big enough for people to stay away from the drink for good. I think it’s more appropriate to skip the drink everyday and occasionally drink. Remember, your health is always more important than the buzz something gives you.