Freshman Little Cyclones Dominate the Field


Liam Struck, Reporter

I talked to Ames High freshman center mid Ethan Gindt for the details of their incredible 14-2 season record. He gave some insight into what makes their team work hard, play hard and come together to secure the “dub”. Before every game, the team engages in what are called Rondos. Rondos are a soccer drill where when one team keeps the ball with a player advantage of up to 3 more players than the other team, they attempt to keep possession of the ball while the other team tries to attack and steal the ball. “This pregame ritual (Rondos) helps our teams communication and gets us into the right passing mindset which helps us win so many of our games,” says striker Jay Rathe.

Center mid Ethan Gidnt continues to explain what has contributed to his team’s success, “We all equally try hard for success and with the help of our coach (Ryan McGowan) and assistants (Frazee, Tristan, John) we have become a dominant force in our league.” Both losses this year coming from Waukee freshman team (0-1) and Perry JV (0-1) would strike doubt into the hearts of any players, but not these players.

“Everyday in practice we work hard and get better” tells another center mid Josh Denny he elaborates “We come up with new plays and combos to secure the ball into the net,” One of the biggest challenges the promising young team shows is their ability to score in the attacking third, they make up for this with a strong and solid defense. The freshman team has only one more game (@ SE POLK) until their season ends and summer training begins. The probability this team will continue their winning tradition to either JV or Varsity next year is highly likely and the whole school looks forward to the transition.