Christmas music: too early for this


Sonja Paulson, Reporter

Dashing through the snow? More like dashing through the NO, STOP, IT’S TOO SOON. Everyone is failing to realize that it is barely November. Christmas is still a month and a half away. So why is everyone playing christmas music?

With everyone getting hyped up on Christmas music, there are few people left to appreciate other holidays such as Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has just as much (and more) food as Christmas, and school is cancelled as well. Despite these factors, people still play Christmas music.

The appropriate time to play Christmas music is 1 to 2 weeks before Christmas, and 1 day after Christmas. By listening to Christmas music 2 weeks before, it is insured that Thanksgiving will be given the appreciation it deserves. This also gives plenty of time to play all the Christmas music one wants. So folks, the next time you think to play your precious Christmas music, hold off a little. Give Thanksgiving the appreciation it deserves.