Twitter Updead

Twitter Updead

Sonja Paulson, Web Reporter

It all happened October 19, 2015. The day when the lives of twitter users were changed forever. This was the day when favoriting was no longer existed, and liking conquered the social media world.

When asking around, I found out how much the Twitter update had affected people. “As the favorite button was replaced with the like button and died forever, so did a small piece of my heart” says sophomore Henry Bennett. Him, like many others, have been crushed by this betrayal of Twitter.

For those who may not have Twitter, the switch of the button meant a great deal. “Favoriting something rather than liking made Twitter special to me, it was unique” commented sophomore Athena Song.

Another thing that was added to Twitter was polls. Having done a poll before, I have come to the conclusion that polls are fun and a great way to see what people are thinking. The great thing about polls is that the people who vote are kept anonymous, even to the owner of the poll. This way, it protects the voter from being afraid to vote.

All in all, the Twitter update was a disappointment. The polls added something new to Twitter, but the liking rather than favoriting ruined it all. No matter how many more updates Twitter gets, it will not ever go back to its former glory.