Akuei Chiman

Akuei Chiman

Skip Stevens, Reporter

Who is Akuei Chiman? Simply put, he is an enigma. His ability to keep much of who he is, besides his speed and pure athletic ability, a secret could rival that of a ninja. However, upon being interviewed by the WEB, a new light has been shed on his complex, and sometimes puzzling mind. While much is still unknown about this track star, a few questions have been answered.


Q: If you could give any piece of advice to a youngin, what would you say?

A: You have your own choices to make. Just because you are presented with opportunities doesn’t mean you have to take them.


Q: How would you define nature?

A: All information comes from nature. And out of that comes one formula: as above so below. Or in other words what you are seeing on the outside is what is going on in the inside.


Q: How’s the swim life?

A: Harder than I had previously thought. It takes a lot out of you. I sleep like a baby at night.


Q: Thoughts on Trump?
A: I laughed at the stuff he said on immigration. However, he doesn’t just say stuff out of the blue. He knows what he’s talking about. But if he does get into the office, he won’t be able to just do the stuff he’s talking about doing. He’ll have to go through congress.


Q: Favorite color?
A: What is color? How do you know that when you are looking at red you are not seeing every other color but red?

Q: Favorite Ninja Turtle?
A: I’d have to say Leonardo

Q: Favorite veggie? Fruit?
A: Have to go with broccoli. For the fruit… I’m going to be stereotypical, I’ll go with mangos.

Q: What’s it like being bald?
A: It brings a lot of attention. People call me bowling boy, the black Charlie Brown, The magic eight ball. I knew it was going to happen.


Q: Exactly how fast are you?
A: My hundred fly time is 10.2 seconds. My hundred time out of the blocks is around 11 seconds flat. So on a scale from 1-10 I would say I’m about an 8.5. I would not consider myself elite yet but that is the goal.


Q: Favorite Starburst Flavor?
A: I don’t know why people don’t like the pink one, but I like the pink one.


Although this article may seem to present Akuei as a normal guy, understand that things are not as they appear. This dude is a mystery, and one that a mere article can not fully demonstrate. If you want a better sense of what I mean you are going to have to interact with the man yourself.