Education is a privilege

Picture credit to Wikipedia

Picture credit to Wikipedia

Tracie-Lynn Lamoreux, Reporter


With the weather getting warmer and the classrooms getting duller, it’s hard to forget the reasons we’re here in school. We wake up with mighty groans, and and push ourselves through it, but towards the end of the semester the sass levels increase and the seniors are ready to wear tie dye.

We obviously all go to high school, and unless your love of learning trumps your love of being lazy, grades drop while the temperatures rise. In this extremely exciting time we tend to lose motivations, but we must stick through it for our education is a privilege, and we must treat it as so.

If you’re a freshman roaming aimlessly in the hallways I truly don’t understand your intentions because it’s not like you could possibly go anywhere. You’re stuck here until 3:05, so how about if you have a D in your math class instead of leaving study hall to sit in the bathroom for thirty minutes, you pick up your math book and look at it.

We have the great opportunity to make something out of ourselves that most people don’t get. People in other countries would do everything in their power to get a sliver of the education you receive for free.