Best TV couples of all time


McKenzie Reimer, Academics & Arts Editor

Romance is inescapable in the TV world. It is the underlying current to any successful program. From Supernatural to Keeping Up With The Kardashians romance is there. Which begs the question, who is the ultimate TV couple? There are so many good choices out there that it’s just too difficult to pick only one. Therefore,  I’ve created a list of sorts, a top 5 list of the greatest television couples out there on TV.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams from Doctor Who are at the top of the list for obvious reasons. Not only have they survived time and space together, they’ve also survived alien invasions, kidnappings, weird family dramas, (which is to complicated to get into) an alien who acts more like a child rather than a 900 hundred year old man, and finally, they’ve survived the only thing that can tear love apart, death. There is simply no couple in the entire galaxy that can compare to these two.

The Big Bang Theory, is known for their relationships. While Leonard and Penny are an honorable mention, they are definitely not the best couple of the show. That award goes to the brilliant ship Shamy. Seeing their relationship blossom through 5 seasons of the show, is like watching the sun rise in the morning. It just makes you happy.

With so many different couples in Friends. It’s hard to pick just one, but there is one couple that outshines all the others. That couple is Chandler Bing and Monica Geller. They are the epitome of the relationship goals. Chandler is funny and sarcastic, while Monica is the awkward woman that everyone relates to. Together, they ground each other and become better than they were before.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were shipping before we even knew what shipping was. They were the couple that we didn’t know we needed until they were right before our eyes. Best friends, turned best relationship, is always cute, but with the mix of danger and comedy, Kim Possible somehow managed to make it even cuter than before.

The hands down best couple I’ve ever watched would have to be Cory and Topanga  from Boy Meets World. Their relationship is the relationship that no one can live up to. Together since they were children seems impossible, and it is, without a lot of hardships and drama. This show was groundbreaking in the way it handled these character’s problems and how it portrayed growing up. Cory and Topanga simply can’t be beat, because their love story felt real to the viewers. Even after the show ended, their love kept going. Today we get to continue to watch Cory and Topanga every week, but now as parents in the spin off TV show Girl Meets World.

A few honorable mentions go to Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill, Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls, and finally Jess and Nick from New Girl. While these characters and their relationships are special, they just can’t beat the top 5.

With love all around us, it’s hard not to love the relationships in TV shows. No matter what you ship, what you anti-ship, and what you OTP, just remember to have fun with watching your favorite characters. One final message I have for you, is do not become that person that has to hate on what someone else loves, it not only ruins the show for you, but for everyone.