The 10 rules of walking the halls at Ames High


Sam Stuve, Reporter

After seeing some of the absurdities that happen in our hallways and talking with some of my friends about this issue, I have come up with the 10 rules of walking the hallways at Ames High.

1. Do not judge people for singing in the hall

Listen I don’t sing in the halls that often, but when I do I want no judgements from anyone at all. IF WANT TO SING SOME HANNAH MONTANA, THEN I’M GOING SING SOME HANNAH MONTANA.

2. Please don’t swear loudly in the hallways.

I’ve heard a lot of teachers complain about this one. And for good reason. Everyone knows that this happens. Some students will use inappropriate words in the hallway. It’s bound to happen, no matter how hard people try to stop us from doing so. But I ask you this, can you please say them quietly. Many people in our school (especially teachers and administrators) hate to hear that language. To them it’s like hearing nails on a chalkboard. On behalf of them (and myself), I ask you to please keep the foul language and the level of foul language to a minimum. Plus to me using foul language to sound cool in really unattractive.

3. No running please

I think this should go without saying. You could also hurt yourself.

4. Please no PDA

I’m all for showing someone how you feel about them. As a matter of fact I encourage it.  However most of those displays of affection shouldn’t be public. I think it should be more of an intimate thing between you and your partner. You can see my full blown article on this topic right here. Even in the hallway by the auditorium.

5. Only walk on the right side (your right) of the hallway at all times

This also applies to walking up and down the stairs as well. Just know if you walk on your left side than you will run into a lot of students and they might not be happy about that.

6. Do not block the doorway to a classroom intentionally

Our hallways are already crowded as it is right now. If want to talk to a teacher, while people are walking the hallways please do it in the classroom.

7. Walk with a purpose

Let’s please try to avoid the chaotic situation that happens daily at the intersection of the Iowa Hall, Auditorium Hall, Northern Iowa Hall where everybody is literally walking as slow as humanly possible. Please walk at decent pace without also breaking rule #2.

8. Please be courteous

If you bump into someone by accident say “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry”. If you lock eyes with someone for more than three seconds please say “hi”, otherwise you’re just randomly staring at someone with no purpose and you ultimately come off as weird (not in a good way).

9. Speak at a moderate tone

I’m a huge fan of singly loudly in the hallways (see #1). But if you are having a conversation with someone and everyone in the hallway can hear what you are saying, then we have a problem. You don’t have to whisper in the hallways (that would be weird), but you don’t have to be yelling at the person you are talking to.

10. Do not play your music, unless you have headphones

I’m going to save you the trouble here and say this. Not everybody likes your music. Or my music, or sometimes any music. Some people hate when play your music out loud for everyone to hear. If you to listen to music you can either listen to the music that is played over the intercom or plug in headphones into your phone or iPod.

I highly recommend that you as a student take this list seriously and be considerate of other students when walking our glorious hallways at Ames High. These rules would make the hallways at Ames High much more pleasant.