Provisions at Provisions

Sam Stuve, Academics and Arts editor


2400 N Loop Dr, Ames, IA 50010

“Thank God, we finally have a fine dining place within the Research Park area! Food that’s served here is really delicious and I will highly recommend trying the ‘Toast with Fish Spread’ (shown in the attached picture). Do keep in mind that this place is really expensive, but it shouldn’t discourage you from giving it a try at least once!”

“This place just opened this summer and it’s got a great atmosphere with very nice meals. Rumor says it has the same owner(s) as The Café in North Ames, so it comes with the same quality. Great brunch options all day, with a bar and a café.”

“I went to lunch here with a few co-worker. The wait time was supposed to be 5 minutes, which was not bad considering this is a new restaurant, but we decided to sit at the bar. Service was fast and friendly. They knew some of the people in my party. Everyone I was with enjoyed their food. I had the Roasted Porchetta sandwich which is pork belly and loin with a salsa verde on a ciabatta bun. It was delicious. I would go back again.”

Those are three of the very high ratings that Provisions Lot F have received. Provisions has 4.5/5 rating out of 63 people on google reviews. With all these reviews in mind, I went into Provisions to see how good I thought the experience was. Now before I go any further, I must say that I have never eaten there or at The Cafe before.

I walked into Provisions knowing that the people of Ames thought very highly of it and that made my expectations for Provisions even higher than they normally would have been. With those expectations in mind, I would define my experience at Provisions as intriguing and satisfying. Basically, that means that Provisions met the expectations that I had for them.

As I walked into Provisions I couldn’t help but notice how professional Provisions looked. The professional look to the restaurant is what stood to out me more than anything else. The parking was not a problem at all. The overall layout of the restaurant looked very well planned out. The lights were set like how you would see in a restaurant in some Hollywood movies. The way Provisions looked to me is a 4 out of 5, with the only problem being that the lights were pretty dim.

Another thing that stood out to me is the location of Provisions. Provisions is in an area that does not feature many dining options. Provisions is located by the ISU research park in the south part of town. Provisions is kind of on it’s own which is a huge benefit for the restaurant going forward. They did a very good job in choosing the location for the restaurant.

The service was great, our waitress was very on the ball. She seemed to care a lot about how we were doing on that night. There was not a long wait for our food, we only stayed there for 45 minutes that night. The service was very efficient. The food itself was about a 3.5 out of 5 I would say. The burger I had, wasn’t out of this world good, but it definitely was not a bad burger (I got the Provisions Burger). The environment around us was pleasant because you could very easily hold a conversation with someone.

Provisions is definitely one of the better restaurants that I have eaten at in the city of Ames. Overall I think that Provisions deserves a 4 out of a 5 rating, which makes it one of the better restaurants in Ames. Most restaurants do not stick out to me for one reason or another. However, Provisions is not one of those restaurants in my opinion. I would say that it is one of the best dining options in the south part of town. If you are considering finding a new place to dine or you want to find a new favorite restaurant in town, Provisions Lot F is definitely one of the better options in the city of Ames.