April 8th: Ames High School United

April 8th: Ames High students and staff joined community members in a peaceful display of unity, in response to a coordinated protest from a well known hate group.  

“I’m here to show support for all the LGBT people in our school and also to show that hate never wins at Ames High”

— Anu Lamsal ‘19

“I’m pan, and I want to help my friends so they don’t feel sad today.”

— Karla Torres '20

“I’m here to support all my friends that are all being super brave and amazing, and coming out and being their true selves no matter what.”

— Claire Rouse ‘20

“I’m here to see Ames high stand up for their fellow community, their friends, their people all coming together to celebrate love”

— Jinal Amin '20

“I didn’t realize there were people in the world that actually believed this and did this type of stuff.”

— Emily Collett '20

“I’m here because God is love, and this ain’t love honey.”

— Ayah Gleisner '20