Winter Madness Schedule

Jared Larson, Reporter


Every year, just after flu and cold season, Winter Madness Week is soon upon us. For those of you who are not used to Ames High tradition, Winter Madness is a fundraiser fun week with theme days. Each day during Winter Madness, Student Council will have hot chocolate available. The theme this year is “Frozen,” so build your Olafs and leave stupid boys that believe in the friendzone (Hans). In short, the purpose of Winter Madness is to raise money which Student Council can then give to a needy organization.


Theme Days

Monday– Bring your mug Monday. Hot Chocolate will be served.

Other theme days will include dressing like your favorite teacher, and Selfie Friday.



12-8, 6pm, auditorium– Jazz Concert, Free.

12-8, 8pm, Cemetery Hill on 13th street– Sledding Extravaganza.

12-9, 7:45(Varsity tip), Girl’s Basketball (9/JV/V) vs. Dowling.

12-9, 5-8, Boy’s swimming (JV/V) @ Waukee.

12-9, film showing of Frozen

12-10, 8:20am, cafeteria– Bake sale/pancake breakfast.

12-10, 7pm, gym– Dodgeball Tournament.

12-11 5:30, Wrestling Tri Meet @ Valley.

12-11, 7:30, auditorium–  Holiday Band Concert.

12-12, both lunches, media center– Coffee House.

12-12, 6:00, Girl’s Basketball (JV/V) @ Fort Dodge.

12-12, 7:45, Boy’s Basketball (9/10/V) @ Fort Dodge.

12-13, 7pm, auditorium– Battle of the Bands, $4 at the door.