Beautiful mess: other’s advice

The best advice that you could give someone is to listen to others and then pick and choose from them what they say to define what is important to you. You should never stop evolving your own advice and never stop listening to what others have to say. Here, several Ames High students share their wisdom with you. Take it as you will.

“Find your own personality” -Conor Johnson, Senior

“Look up from your phone sometime, the best things are in front of you.” -Derek Thilges, Junior

“Look outside your friend group.” -Melanie Long, Senior

“Don’t stress it. Keep calm and everything will be all right.” -Hari Sivaskandan, Senior “Always bring snacks.” -Bryan Hall, Senior “If you live life trying to finish everything, you might miss what’s happening in the moment.” -Peter Miller, Senior “Don’t be to scared to try something that you want to do.” -Ali Naraghi, Senior “Do what makes you happy.” -Brendan Gorman, Senior “Give yourself time to do things for yourself, don’t forget about that.” -Brenna Peterson, Senior “Don’t be afraid to get involved, because I think I regret that a little.” -Katie Sailer, Senior Sleep is the key to success.” -Grace Mills, Senior “Get involved as much as possible, it’s a good way to meet new and amazing people.” -Nadia Huffman, Senior “Find something you want and strive for it.” -Jackson Hamstreet, Junior “If you’re not having fun doing it, don’t do it.” -James Elbert, Junior “Keep your head up and keep going.” -Jasmine Ambrosio, Senior “Don’t get bogged down by the little things.” -Julia Meyer, Senior “Find something you like with people you like.” -Judith Fan, Senior “Follow things through.” -Sarah Norvell, Senior “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” -Peter VanDerZanden, Sophomore “Stay on top of your work, don’t dig a hole you can’t get out of.” -Ben Klein, Sophomore “It’s better to sleep sometimes then to cram. Be smart about studying.” -Sam Weninger, Sophomore “You’ll get further in life if you are passionate about things. There’s something great about seeing someone’s eyes light up when they are passionate about something” -Andie Newel, Senior l “I think my advice would have to come from Dan Gabel: ‘Once you’ve wrestled. everything else is easy.’ Short, precise, and to the point. -Hank Swalla, Senior