Brett Hansen: the male nurse

We’ve all seen him around. The slumped shoulders, the untidy hair, and the green elbows are just too unique. B-Hans cannot be missed. Senior Brett Hanson has always had a sporty character, being involved in baseball and football. "I’ve played baseball since I was in 2nd grade and football just for the last couple years," Hansen said. Brett had the opportunity to play football in college for Truman State, Columbia University, and Holy Cross. "They offered but I really wasn’t interested," Hanson said. Recently however, Hanson has discovered a new sport for himself. "Football was always one of my favorites but now that I play rugby, it’s so much better," Hanson said. Hanson plans to attend ISU next year and major in Pre-Med. In order to get ready for his goals, he is currently taking a nursing assistant course at DMACC. "I hope to eventually go into Pediatrics, General Practice or perhaps become a male nurse," Hanson said. Although Hanson plans to live in the dorms, his decision to attend ISU was centered around his feelings to stay close to his family and 5 siblings. "I didn’t want to turn into the long-lost brother," Hansen said. Traditionally, the tight knit family goes vacationing by a lake in Minnesota every year. They also always go out to eat on each family member’s birthdays to celebrate the occasion. The longest time Hanson has spent away from home was the Ames High Uganda Project he went on last year. He traveled to Uganda and helped build a school as part of a service learning project. "The work was hard but really fun," Hanson said. "You got to know a lot of the kids really well." Hanson has an eye for danger and decided to go rafting on the Nile with anyone who was up for the challenge. "At one point, we fell into a rapid we weren’t supposed to called ‘the bad place,’" Hansen said, "It was awesome." Hanson can be seen jamming on his guitar with his band, Strawberry Tree. "We’ve been playing together for 2 years now," Hanson said. Hanson first started singing as a kid in church. "It’s such a great feeling to share my music experience with my audience." When not on stage, Hanson spends time reading and hanging out with friends. "I love the books Freakonomics and Leaves of Grass," Hanson said, "I could read them for a lifetime." Hansen loves to kick back and relax, especially through each of his final days as a senior. Hansen finds himself having a lot of free time and sometimes only has class 1st, 3rd, and 4th periods. "I have too much free time," Hansen said. "Most of the time, I just don’t know what I should do with myself."