Creative writing club encourages students to take risks

Ella Bartlett only has 15 minutes to produce a short story about two teammates and a lost pet. Not only must she quickly think of interesting characters and a solid storyline on the spot, but she also needs to make it good enough to share with a room full of eager writers. “Writing is a passion for me, and I want to meet and possibly celebrate with other students who share that,” Bartlett, a sophomore at Ames High, said. While this task may seem impossible, the support from the leaders of the creative writing club help the students to feel at ease. Chris and Geetha, second year graduate students at Iowa State University, chose to form the club this year in order to assist students with their creative works. “The leaders seem to be really awesome and inspiring,” Bartlett said. “And, they have great ideas.” Since the club just formed, Chris and Geetha plan to let the students eventually determine what happens during the meetings. The purpose of the creative writing club is for students to improve their individual writing abilities, but listening to the works of the other members and giving feedback is also vital. “I hope to meet other writers who enjoy doing the same thing I do and share works,” Bartlett said. The club meets on Thursdays after school in Mr. Brekke’s classroom, located upstairs in room 201. Meetings start after school and generally go until 4:15 p.m. However, it’s not the type of club that demands attendance each week. Feel free to come to a meeting to get a feel for it. “It has been my dream since I was in third grade to pursue a career in creative writing, and joining a writing club like this one seems to be the perfect opportunity to get myself out there,” Bartlett said.