Time to garden with garden club


Tifany Chu, Reporter

Garden Club is starting up again at Ames High for their spring season. Garden Club is a club full of people determined to promote agriculture and healthy food system. Everyone is free to join the club and the club is always looking for new members.

“Garden club is  going very well we got a big harvest prepared to reap this summer,” says leader of garden club, Max Eness. The club has many plans for the rest of the school year, including building a clay pizza oven and picnic tables for the courtyard. Right now, the garden club is growing its usual crops, like tomatoes and beets but are also growing more adventurous plants suchs as Kohlrabi and rhubarb.

The club is looking to expand beyond the school year and into the summer. The members are planning to meet frequently during the summer to upkeep the garden. “We are going to continue planting stuff we have been growing but going to get very dense planting spaces in the garden.” says Max. The summer goal is to keep the garden very green for when everyone comes back to school in the fall. Next school year, garden club is going to expand past plants and into breeding animals. Max is excited to get chickens for the courtyard and to make their own Ames High chicken tendies.

As the leader, Max is in charge of all things crop related. He organizes all the pl the club will be planting and researches different gardening techniques for a more efficient garden. Max is determined to get as many members as possible: “Everyone should join, it sparks interest and passion about environmental topics that affects a lot but we tend not care much for.”

Garden club meets Tuesdays and Fridays after school. Recently, they have also added more meeting times during second lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. They meet in Mike Todd’s room #48 or sometimes in the garden.

Max insists that vegetables aren’t the only thing that is growing in garden club, they are also growing new friendships and knowledge.  Get ready to get down and garden Ames High!