Meet art teacher Mrs. Wede


Kub Stevens, Co-Editor in Chief

Located deep in the heart of Ames High School, Mrs. Wede’s classroom, inherited from recently-retired Mrs. Quintero, is a haven of artistic expression and learning. Collage and drawing assignments cover the walls while photography negatives and art supplies hide in the cabinets. While some might see the humble workspace of a high school art teacher, Mrs. Wede sees the realization of a lifelong passion.


“I really loved [art] right away, from the first time I picked up a pencil or crayon,” explains Mrs. Wede. “I really enjoyed making marks and illustrating and making whatever I could create. In sixth grade I already hosted my own art shows. I think I was that type of kid that I was like, ‘I really love art and I want everyone to like it.’”


After completing a double major of art and education, Mrs. Wede went on to teach at several other schools before arriving at Ames High last year.


“[Ames High] seemed like a very welcoming school right off the bat,” says Mrs. Wede. “All the other teachers were nice and they were fun to be around. I’ve really enjoyed it.”


When not teaching, Mrs. Wede (who also teaches art for Lutheran Services in Iowa at the Beloit campus) enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 year old son, who already has a studio of his own right next to mom’s. In addition, Mrs. Wede writes and illustrates children’s stories, inspired by her son, nieces, and nephews, and the milestones they’ve passed throughout their childhoods.


On top of all this, Mrs. Wede serves as the sponsor for Ames High’s art club, which she has been involved with since last year. Stemming from a group of about 20 core members, the club hopes to expand this year and become a part of the National Art Honor Society.


We wish a warmly belated welcome to Mrs. Wede, patiently waiting to view the art that she inspires her students to create.
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