Senior Yuer Zhu

Yuer Zhu: Dominating Ames High’s Art Department

Erin Murphy, Editor March 9, 2021

Ames High, Aims High. A statement that best represents many aspects of Ames High School¨s culture. Senior Yuer Zhu seems to dominate the art department. With awards and recognitions such as Silver and...

Meet art teacher Mrs. Wede

Meet art teacher Mrs. Wede

Kub Stevens, Co-Editor in Chief October 7, 2015

Located deep in the heart of Ames High School, Mrs. Wede’s classroom, inherited from recently-retired Mrs. Quintero, is a haven of artistic expression and learning. Collage and drawing assignments cover...

My art freshman year when I watched too much anime

How to do Everything Well

Kate Murray, Staff reporter October 28, 2014

For some reason, recently people have been telling me that I’m really good at writing, or that I’m better at drawing than they are, or that I’m a huge nerd.  That last one was my sister.  It wasn’t...

Tree Mural: Leaf it to the art department

Tree Mural: Leaf it to the art department

Lindsey Tucker February 17, 2012

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That'€™s exactly what Mrs. Renze did when the annual art trip got canceled last semester, leaving dozens of students disappointed and itching for something...

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