Mrs. Kautzky


Queen Victoria, Reporter

Mrs.Kautzky, a staple of Ames High, is retiring after teaching at the high school for 41 years. Over her years at the high school she has seen many things, new additions, administrations and attendees. Speaking of attendees she has taught entire families, she had my mother, aunt and myself.

My first question for her was: what has changed over the years? “Ames High School was a building for grades 10-11-12 when I arrived in 1976-77. There were six specialized, full-time Physical Education staff and I taught the Modern Dance classes. Students self-scheduled in the old cafeteria,  which is now the Weights Room.” She continued saying:

“Through the years, staff has been reduced and the large variety of choices for students has been diminished.”

My second question for her was: what has been your favorite class to teach? She responded: “Modern Dance Choreography connected physical movement and art in wonderfully individualized, challenging opportunities for students to create and teach their original compositions.”

My third question for her was: do you have any regrets? “If we could rewind and do it over again, there would always be small and large moments when we might do things differently.” She added “Regret, like worry, implies negative energy, so I try to find more positive ways to respond to life’s experiences. Typically, I am energized by the creative challenges of change. Apologize, when mistakes are made.  Learn, grow, adapt and keep moving forward.”

I then asked her to reflect upon her years as a teacher.: She responded with: “Watching the tremendous academic and emotional growth of students from first quarter freshmen to graduating seniors has always been a highlight of teaching at Ames High School.” She added: “I remain encouraged by the beautiful diversity of our young people who give us so many reasons for hope in the future. Ames High Aims High!”

The last question I asked her was: what now? She responded saying “Books! I will have more time to read and join book clubs. She also said she looks forward to “Enjoying lots of woodland hikes and photography, traveling with family, visiting friends, and volunteering.” She is also looking forward to planning Little Pink’s, a pink mushroom she discovered while on woodland hike, Cotillion. The reason this little pink mushroom is so special is that it may be a whole new species. She is waiting to hear back to see if DNA sequencing proves that.