Why Grey’s Anatomy Ruined my life

Why Grey's Anatomy Ruined my life

Madi Franco and Sahar Sebghati

April 13, 2016

  There aren’t any McDreamy’s or McSteamy’s in real life. Don’t get your hopes up. You will be disappointed. I’m always on edge because I’m afraid I’ll be in a bombing, a shooting, or a plane crash. How is Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital still running? Whenever someone I k...

A Multitude of Madi’s

A Multitude of Madi's

Madi Franco

March 31, 2016

My name is my identity. It’s the name that I write on every paper, the name that drives social connections, and the name that I’m stuck with for the rest of my life. I’m my own person. I have my own quirky character traits, my own dreams and aspirations, and my own personality. I am Madi, a uniq...

Tidal is Not The New Spotify

Tidal is Not The New Spotify

Madi Franco

March 1, 2016

Music streaming apps are by far some of the most profitable apps available on the app store. Entrepreneurs and app developers are in a continuous battle to claim their spot on the top of the charts, and the newest addition to the battle is the app Tidal. Tidal claims to offer “HiFi” sound quality, and ...

Battle of Ames Coffee Shops

Madi Franco, Reporter

February 10, 2016

I’ll be the first to admit it: I spend way too much money on coffee. Supplying my addiction isn’t a cheap task to do, especially when I’m being becoming increasingly critical of the coffee that I drink the more often I drink it. I decided to go to three of the most popular coffee shops in Ames, order my go t...

AHS Soundclouds: Bernard Bell

AHS Soundclouds: Bernard Bell

Kub Stevens, Co-Editor in Chief

December 14, 2015

When it comes to music, Ames High knows how to get down. In and out of school, AHS students are listening to and creating music of all genres. One of the people to fall into the latter category is freshman Bernard Bell, who has recently been creating buzz with his Soundcloud account, featuring such crowd p...

AHS and Salvation Army divorce drama begins to resolve

Kate Murray, Visual Editor

January 14, 2015

Many of you no doubt saw the Salvation Army posters that were put up around school during winter madness last semester, urging people to donate toys to the charity so they could give them to kids in need.  However, many of you also know about the Salvation Army’s history of homophobia and transphobia. They...