Jonathan’s Senior Article


Joanthan W. Laczniak Senior Class of 2013

Originally my plan for my senior column was going to be to try and just write really clever and funny stuff throughout the entire article. However, my thoughts are running dry as the year comes to a close, and I guess I’€™ll try to write something at least somewhat serious.

I guess I don’€™t really have any authority to try and give advice to underclassman. I mean, many of you are probably more mature or wiser people than I am, but whatever. Here we go.

The first piece of advice I think I should offer is just to relax. Really. Don’€™t take all AP classes and try so hard to constantly get a 4.0 because €œ”if not, you won’€™t get into a good college and you’€™ll never succeed.”€ That’€™s all bullshit. The truth is, most of what you do in high school really does not matter at all. I know so many people who have just not enjoyed high school at all because they have spent their entire time here just stressing over and over about worthless assignments.

Now, I’€™m not saying that you shouldn’€™t take school seriously. If you don’€™t try at all and just not do any work, then you really will have a problem in the rest of your life. But if you’€™re at the point where he have to choose between your happiness and your well-being or your flawless GPA, then choose your happiness, and if you’€™re not sure of what you want to do when you’€™re older, then you’™re on the same boat as the rest of us.

My other piece of advice is very plain and simple. Don’€™t be an asshole. Seriously, I don’€™t care how smart or how cool you are. It’€™s my opinion that that the only way which you should really judge a person is by their character and how they treat others. I know so many people who are very intelligent and passionate people who are just complete arrogant jerks and it really bothers me. Some people seem to think that intelligence is all that matters and don’€™t even try to be nice or they just go out of their way to be schmucks. That’€™s really not okay and after high school it’€™s going to be very hard for those people to make friends or even keep friends they already have.

Also, take classes from Mr. Zmolek (that man is the most interesting person I have ever met), the best bathroom to use is the one right by the media center (especially for going number 2), the entire English department at this school is such an amazing group of people and my love for English has grown exponentially because of them, buy Bugisu coffee from Mr. Mooney (I wasn’€™t a coffee drinker before first period APUSH and now I’€™m an addict for life), join a lot of clubs (there are a ton that are a lot of fun and need members), take 4-D art (Mrs. Hassebrock is one of the coolest teachers at Ames High and knowing how to use photoshop is very helpful).

Break out of your comfort zone as often as possible (it has really helped me a lot), take classes from Mr. Todd or at least get to know him (I swear everytime I talk to him I learn something new) and join the WEB (Mr. Johnson is one the funniest people you will ever meet and the WEB is seriously like a family, sometimes at least). Also, join Yearbook (this is a bit unrelated, but I’ve had Mr. Webb all four years of high school and he’€™s probably been the most influential teacher on me throughout my time here. He knew me when I was still an obnoxious little skater kid. So join Yearbook at least to get to know him if you don’t already. He’€™s really a great human being.)

So that’€™s basically all I have to say. I apologize for how long and kind of random it is but whatever. Also, I apologize to any teachers I didn’€™t mention by name. The truth is, I have loved every teacher I have had here. They have seriously all been great. Pożegnanie. Farewell.